Third Training Workshop for Resource-Efficient and Cleaner Production Experts,11.11.21

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The purpose of the online event is to present an overview of assessment results from the UNIDO RECP Training Program in Industry, to summarize findings and showcase  recommendations  during the RECP assessments, as well as to conclude on the ways forward for the trainees and the assessed companies in Georgia.

The third training workshop will comprise of  a one day online training focused at presentations by the trainees’ groups (who performed the detailed RECP assessments). The presented reports will contain: analysis of production efficiency, identified RECP opportunities and calculated measures, no- and low-cost measures, and business cases (in other words, the workplan for development and implementation of technically advanced measures). The presentations will be followed by the general feedback of the international and local trainers. The final presentation of RECP in-plant assessments will be presented at a broader event with the participation of representatives from the demonstration companies, RECP experts, RECP Club member companies, and other interested stakeholders.

The event will be organized online using the Zoom platform in Georgian language (with simultaneous translation into English)

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Meeting ID: 878 2153 1261
Passcode: 876165

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