RECP Clubs

The RECP Club work stream under the project is aimed at developing and piloting a lean support model for enterprises, in particular smaller businesses. The model should be scale-able and replicable, in that after initial trials in four municipalities it can be made available on a continuous basis to more regions and ultimately indeed throughout the country.

Each Club involves 8-10 small enterprises and provides practical RECP support to them. Upon completion of the Club programme each member enterprise would have developed an actionable RECP plan and have started with its implementation. The action plan is developed and put in place on a thematic basis. Each theme/module is introduced during to a 2-3 hrs workshop that ends with the guidance for member enterprises to practically apply the knowledge gained. Following the workshop, enterprises report back on experiences (fostering collective learning) and are introduced to the next topic. A total of 6 modules is delivered with intervals of about 3 weeks over a period of about 4 months.

RECP Club #1

# Organization Sector Location
1 Caucasus-Organic Fruit Food Mtskheta
2 Caucaspack Plastic Mtskheta
3  Natural Product Cezari Food Tsalka
4 Kau-Tivi Chemicals Mtskheta
5 Kaspi-Eleqtroaparati Steel Kaspi
6 Mshenebeli-2019 Asphalt Khashuri
7 Poliedro Plastic Mtskheta
8 Tsalka Food Tsalka
9 Geo Provision Wood Kaspi
10 Megaplast Plastic Mtskheta

Club #2 

# Organization Sector Location
1. Gia Janishvili Food Dedoplistskaro
2. Jimsher Khatiashvili Food Dedoplistskaro
3. Kalo Poultry Dedoplistskaro
4. Geka Poultry Vardisubani
5. Sabudara Poultry Gardabani
6. Patarzeuli Farm Poultry Patarzeuli
7. Sagarejo 2009 Poultry Sagarejo
8. Fabrika 1900 Plastic Mtskheta
9. Vectory 2009 Plastic Mtskheta
10. Lider Plast Plastic Mtsketa





RECP Clubs in Georgia

in the frame of the Circular economy and new growth opportunities – Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production and eco-innovation among SMEs  is a regional project  RECP Clubs involving 20 SME were established in the following municipalities of Georgia:

The UNIDO Resources Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Demonstration Project

RECP Clubs in Georgia

In the frames of the UNIDO Demonstration Project RECP clubs involving 35 SMEs were established in the Kakheti region and three municipalities of Georgia: Kaspi, Kutaisi and Rustavi. Representatives of the club member SMEs were trained on RECP methodology and are now able to support their companies. The RECP Club member companies have developed environmental action plans and they have been awarded with UNIDO certificates.

RECP Clubs for Small Enterprises Concept note, 22 April 2015

Facilitator’s manual