Measurement Equipment Training Workshop for Resource-Efficient and Cleaner Production Experts, 24.12.21

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The main purpose of the training workshop is to present and overview all available and useful measurement equipment, which is necessary for RECP assessment data collection and monitoring.

The measurement equipment overview includes professional high tech engineering instruments, such as: Temperature relative humidity data logger, AC clamp (power meter), gas analyzer, Infrared (thermal) camera, lux meter, sound level measuring device, food safety thermometer, anemometer, distance and angle (laser) measuring unit, pyrometer, water portable analyzer (pH) and fluid velocity measuring unit.

As the general outcome from the workshop – it is expected, the training course will familiarize all trainee experts and increase their knowledge in exploitation of measuring equipment for RESP assessment.


The list consists of specialists working in environmental management, engineering (chemical, industrial, environment, or related fields) who decided to be trained on the RECP methods and their applications. The tentative number of participants for workshop is about 15 persons (13 trainee experts and 2 local trainer experts).


The event will be organized at the 1st building of Georgian Technical University. Face to face training workshop will be in Georgian language.

Meeting Address:

Georgian Technical University, Building #1, Laboratory

Merab Kostava Street 68, Tbilisi, Georgia

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