Workshop “Environmental management system”, 30-31 2020


On July 30-31, 2020 within EU4Environment Programme framework Johannes Fresner delivered a workshop “Environmental Management Systems” to RECP experts from EaP countries. The Ukrainian RECP Centre organized this workshop as part of specialized RECP trainings within the EU4Environment Programme.

The workshop lasted for two half-days, each consisted of two main activity sessions. There were several theoretical sessions followed by interesting practical assignments designed for the RECP experts .

The agenda covered the following items:

  • Environmental management: ISO 14001, high level structure, continuous improvement, EMS as a continuation of RECP, benefits of EMS, success factors, management commitment;
  • Organisation and environment: Stakeholder analysis, context of the organisation, environmental policy, and environmental team;
  • Planning environmental aspects, risk-based thinking, compliance obligations, objectives, action plan;
  • EMS elements 1: Competence, awareness, communication and documentation;
  • EMS elements 2: Operational planning and control, emergency preparedness, performance evaluation, internal audit, management review.

Event materials