Second round training for national experts in RECP Methodology and Technique,Tbilisi, 29-30 June, 1 July 2015


Second round of training for national experts in RECP Methodology and Technique was organized on 29 June – 3 July in Tbilisi in the office of EEC Georgia. 10 local experts selected participated in the classroom training on 29 June – 1 July 2015. The training was provided by international expert Mr. Jaap von der Meer. The training covered first six modules of the RECP course including the following:

  1. RECP concept and Practice;
  2. RECP assessment;
  3. Motivation, Commitment and Team;
  4. RECP baseline and indicators;
  5. Initial assessment;
  6. Detailed assessment.

National experts passed a test in RECP methodology and technique.

Following the classroom training the national experts visited selected demonstration companies for introducing themselves to the companies’ managements and undertaking first RECP observations in the enterprises. The national experts were coached by the International Expert and the project National Coordinator during the visits.

List of Participants

Agenda RECP Methodology and Technique