Second Internal Regional Meeting with the RECP Experts and NIPs of the EU-funded EU4Environment Action , 3.09.21


Meeting objectives

The objective of the meeting is to discuss both the challenges related to the monitoring of RECP measures and their implementation results after (approximately) five years since the completion of the EaP GREEN Programme; as well as to present lessons learned and ways forward in ensuring the continuous application of the RECP methodology in the EaP region, beyond 2022.

The meeting will also comprise of presentations and inputs related to implementing the RECP-related activities in each of 6 countries of the EaP region. The following issues will be discussed in detail:

1) Monitoring and embedding RECP into the business strategies of manufacturing enterprises

2) Institutional memory and incentives for enterprises to continue using RECP beyond the EU4Environment Action

3) Challenges, lessons learned, and ways forward in scaling up RECP


The event will bring together the UNIDO HQ team and the RECP Experts and representatives of UNIDO’s National Implementing Partners (NIPS) within the EU-funded EU4Environment Action.

Format: web-based video conference

Platform: Zoom

Language: English

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Event materials