Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production applies preventive environmental techniques and total productivity management practices to achieve:

  • Productive use of natural resources- reduction of the use of materials, water and energy;
  • Minimization of environmental impacts through reduction of generation of greenhouse gasses and other emissions and wastes;
  • Promoting and protecting human health through improvements in occupational health and safety.

 RECP technique 

Several complementary RECP techniques or practices are possible, ranging from low or even no cost solutions to high investment, advanced clean technologies, including:

  • Good Housekeeping;
  • Input Material Change;
  • Better Process Control;
  • Equipment Modification;
  • Technology Change;
  • On-site recovery/Reuse;
  • Production of Useful By-Products;
  • Product Modification

Benefits of RECP

Enterprises and other organizations that implement RECP methods, practices and technologies are gaining triple benefit:

  • Enhancing the efficient use of natural resources including water, energy and materials;
  • Minimization of the impact on environment and nature, by preventing the generation of waste and emissions including those discharged to water, air or on land;
  • Minimization of risks to people and communities from the use of chemicals and safe disposal of chemicals used in industry