RECP Club 2 First Meeting Module 1: Business Environmental Profile, 28.01.21

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Module 1 – Business Environmental Profile focuses on the enterprise’s technical processes and provides an introduction and capstone respectively. It is focused on management and information systems. Particularly, it unites the following issues: profiling of the enterprise with a particular focus on identifying resource uses and environmental impacts and appraising these in both physical units (tons, kWh, etc) as well as their monetary value (input costs and non-product output costs).

Initially, participants of the RECP Programme will be provided much guidance and support. To provide those, various activities will be implemented in close contact with the RECP Clubs’ Facilitator and the club member SMEs. The club’s member SMEs will be trained using the different tools (presentations, templates, worksheets, etc.). At the end of the Programme period, the trainees will be able to develop an RECP action plan and implement it as a result of full-scale RECP assessment by themselves.

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