RECP Club 1 Meeting Module 2: Energy, 27.01.21

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Module 2 – Energy focuses on understanding the energy use in the enterprise and developing energy efficiency options for processes, utility systems and buildings management and appraising these in both physical units (kWh, m3, etc) as well as their monetary value.

Initially, participants of the RECP Programme will be provided much guidance and support. To provide those, various activities will be implemented in close contact with the RECP Clubs’ Facilitator and the club member SMEs. The club’s member SMEs will be trained using the different tools (presentations, templates, worksheets, etc.). At the end of the Programme period, the trainees will be able to develop an RECP action plan and implement it as a result of full-scale RECP assessment by themselves.

The training participants are representatives of local Municipalities hosting the Clubs and the club member SMEs. The Club meetings are prepared with support of  National Implementing partner (NIP) the Energy Efficiency Centre of Georgia (EECG) leading the training and conducted by the national RECP Clubs’ facilitator who is an expert on RECP.

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