Kutaisi RECP Club First meeting ,17 March 2016

RECP clubs

 Preparatory works were undertaken in February 2016 by the UNIDO/RECP Georgian team in collaboration with the Local Government of the Kutaisi Municipality to identify small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for engagement in local RECP Club. 12 companies were selected in the municipality from food, chemical and construction materials sector. The companies were contacted and invited to the introductory meeting which was organized on March 17, 2016 in the Kutaisi City Hall (Rustaveli ave. #3).

Agenda and List of Participants

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Demonstration Project (RECP) in Georgia under implementing United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) was introduced by M. Adeishvili – National Coordinator of RECP.SMEs from the Kutaisi Municipality, Representatives of the local government and local media/informational sources (Television, journalists) attended the meeting.

Javshanashvili – RECP Club Facilitator introduced to the participants the concept of RECP and RECP Clubs component of the Project which envisages the establishment of so called RECP Clubs in different regions of Georgia in order to bring together small and medium size enterprises (SME) from the same region and take them jointly through an intensive training and coaching programme over a period of about 4 months, leading to a customized RECP action plan for all member companies upon completion of the Club.

He also provided seminar on Business/Environmental Profile of SMEs. The seminar included following topics: RECP benefits to business and best practice, national business examples and approaches, environmental challenges, why to build business/environmental profile, RECP aims and ways to implement, typical problems and typical solutions of them, RECP tips, where to focus, importance of action plan and self-assessment worksheets.

Adeishvili – National Coordinator of RECP emphasized that implementation of the RECP action plans will help the companies to save energy, water and materials, reduce the negative impacts on the environment and human health, to increase the profit, to be in compliance with the requirements of Georgian environmental legislation and to improve access to financing for investments in cleaner technologies.

The meeting participants – SMEs representatives expressed interest and wish of further collaboration.