Kutaisi RECP Club Award Ceremony, 28 October 2016

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremony for the Kutaisi RECP Club member companies was organized on 28 October, 2016 in the Kutaisi City Hall (Rustaveli ave. #3)

Malkhaz Adeishvili, RECP Project Coordinator in Georgia, expressed his gratitude to the Kutaisi City Hall representatives for collaboration and introduced activities of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, including Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production project.

Kutaisi City Hall representatives expressed their gratitude to the RECP project organizers and they noted importance of the RECP project for the Kutaisi municipality. They hoped continuation of the similar projects.

Nikoloz Javshanashvili, RECP Clubs Facilitator, introduced successfully implemented RECP project and he discussed Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Action Plans developed for the Kutaisi RECP Club member nine companies. Also, he noted achievements of the companies around the RECP project.

M.Adeishvili awarded RECP Club member nine enterprises with UNIDO certificates for successful participation  in  the  RECP  training  program  and  development  of  Resource  Efficiency  and  Cleaner Production Action Plans. Note that implementation of the RECP action plans will help the companies to save energy resources, water and materials, reduce the negative impacts on the environment and human health, to increase the profit and to be in compliance with the requirements of Georgian environmental legislation.

RECP project representatives will continue collaboration with the Club member companies in order to monitor implementation of the RECP action plans and achieved results.


Ceremony was covered by electronic media company  www.psnews.ge