Green Economy Center established


8 November, 2017, Green Economy Center (GEC) established with the RECP project support was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia as non-for-profit legal entity. The Center will built on the  EU-funded EaP GREEN RECP Demonstration project achievements and continue providing services to SMEs and other organizations for wider application of RECP approaches in Georgian industrial enterprises.

Beyond RECP, the Center will focus its activities on a wider spectrum of issues of green economic development, including:

–  Awareness raising on green economic growth and circular economy;

–  Enhancing the financing of green projects in industrial enterprises and other organizations;

– Application of the principles of extended producers’ responsibility and responsible production;

– Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment;

–   Promotion of green accounting and natural capital accounting at company and national levels;

–   Integration of economic valuation and cost-benefit analysis into the decision making;

– Promotion of integrated management of natural resources and sustainable management of ecosystems;

– Participation in activities addressing local, national and global environmental problems, promotion of international environmental agreements and their implementation.


The Center’s activities will include awareness raising events and campaigns, advocacy, research and technical assistance projects and programs. GEC will cooperate with various stakeholders including the national and local governments, private sector, civil society, academic institutions, international organizations and donors to promote RECP and green economic development in Georgia.