Fourth Forum on Resources Efficient and Cleaner Production ( RECP), Tbilisi,18 March 2016


The UNIDO’s RECP Demonstration Project in the frames of its RECP Domestication Component organized a sequential Forum on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) on 18 March, 2016 in Tbilisi City. This forum was devoted to ambient air protection and prevention of air pollution from the industrial sector.

The event was organized in cooperation with Georgian Employers Association (GEA), and attended by representatives of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), international projects supporting Georgia to improve environmental management and RECP experts. A representative of the Ambient Air Protection Service under the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia Mrs. Nino Obolashvili was invited to make a presentation on the national legal framework for ambient air protection and changes anticipated in near future to fulfill EU-Georgia Association Agreement.

The Project expert in RECP Advocacy and Outreach Mrs. Manana Petashvili made a presentation on some opportunities for the reduction of air emissions by industrial companies, that were revealed through the RECP Assessment implemented in the frames of the UNIDO RECP Demonstration Project.

The Forum participants vividly discussed current challenges faced by industrial sector and especially SME so that to meet national air law; issues related to communication gaps between entrepreneurs and governmental structure, and ways to overcome them were also the topic.

The event was covered by Georgian TV Media. Interviews taken with Mr. Malkhaz Adeishvili, UNIDO RECP Project National Coordinator in Georgia, and Mr. Mikheil Kordzakhia, Vice President of GEA were broadcasted on Iberia TV Channel.