RECP assessments was completed by the end of September 2020 for 10 demonstration companies from food, packaging industry  and chemicals production sectors in Georgia including the following:

# Name Industry Location
1 Gocha Ghaghashvili Milk processing Kakheti , Telavi
2  Mariam Ghvedashvili Semi-finished products, wine Kakheti, Dedoflistskaro
3 Lasha Kalandadze Packaging industry ImereTi, Kutaisi
4 Givi Enukidze Greenhouse Kakheti
5 Givi Tsikarashvili Asphalt, concrete Kakheti, Kabali
6 Dima Otiashvili Fruit processing Kakheti, Sagarejo, 14, Kartvel IunkerTa str.
7 Kakha Karchkhadze Biodisel production Tbilisi, Biodiesel Georgia
8 Maiam Menabde food production,Juice concentrate Kobuleti
9 Giorgi Ishkhneli cheese processing Tetritskaro
10 Zviad Gogoladze Poultry Factory,egg production Teleti



The UNIDO Resources Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) Demonstration Project

First round of RECP assessments was completed by end of February 2015 for ten demonstration companies from food, construction materials and chemicals production sectors in Georgia including the following:

  1. Joint Stock Company “SARINI”.Metal constructions.Rustavi, Javakhishvili street #9.,www
  2. Ltd “RUSMETALI”. Production of Silico-Manganese.Rustavi,
  3. Join Stock Company “EcOil”. Oil production. Tbilisi, Kindzmarauli street #15,
  4. Road constructions company “Tbilisi”, #1 Asphalt Plant. Asphalt production.Tbilisi, Phonichala.
  5. Ltd ” Devis Puri.Bakery products.Tbilisi, Temqa, block 10.
  6. Gori Feeding Cannery Kula.Food and nonalcoholic beverages.Gori, Shindisi street
  7. Ltd “ Q.B.Construction” ,Produces Foam concrete blocks ,Tbilisi, Ts. Dadiani str., 32,
  8. Jsc “Kindzmarauli Corporation”,Production of Vine,Kvareli, Chavchavadze bStr. # 55,
  9. Ltd “Sinali”,Scrap Aluminium, ingots and dross production, Tbilisi, Farnavaz Mephe str. #3
  10. Ltd ” MnChemical Georgia ,Produces Natural manganese Dioxide and feed Grade Manganous Oxide, Rustavi, Mshvidobis Str. #2.

RECP assessment teams involving the management and technical staff of the demonstration companies, international and national experts identified opportunities to save, through the implementation of RECP measures, about 3.15 GWh energy and 10 532 m3 water annually. Total cost of RECP measures in all demonstration companies is estimated to 315 250 Euros with average payback period 1.9 years.

Second round of RECP assessments in demonstration companies started in July 2015. Seven Georgian companies are participating in the demonstration program at this stage:

  1. Ltd Rustavi Azot. Chemical Industry, production of fertilizers and other chemicals. Rustavi.;
  2. Ltd Neo Print. Secondary Paper Production, Tserovani settlement;
  3. Ltd Amirani XXI. Dairy production. Tbilisi, Metromsheni settlement, Ushakov #35;
  4. Ltd TMT. Food production industry. Kaspi, Chavchavadze # 35, ;
  5. Ltd LAGI, Lemonade production, Tbilisi, Beliashvili #40, ;
  6. Ltd Aromaproduct,food production, Tbilisi, Guramishvili Ave. # 10;
  7. Ltd Bazalt Fiber, Construction materials. Rustavi,