Our services

Objective of the RECP Demonstration Project is to assist Georgian small and medium size companies (SME) and other organizations to improve economic and environmental performance by adopting and adapting RECP approaches and practices in their products design and production processes.   To achieve this objective we offer to SMEs the following services free of charge:

  1. Consulting service to undertake assessment of resource efficient and cleaner production opportunities in the enterprises;
  2. To identify technology needs for resource efficient and cleaner production in the enterprises, propose technology solutions and undertake techno-economic and environmental assessment of the proposed measures;
  3. Develop technical project proposals and business plans for RECP technology investments and assist in communications with local and international finance institutions for obtaining adequate financial resources;
  4. Involve SMEs in the municipal and regional RECP Clubs and provide training for technical staff of the SME on RECP approaches and techniques; Help the club member companies to develop RECP action plans;
  5. Award with UNIDO certificates and promote companies participating in the project through RECP demonstration assessments, RECP clubs, and technology transfer components.