First round, Second Training in RECP,11-14 August 2014


Second training of national experts in Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methods was organized on 11-14 August 2014 in Tbilisi in the Energy Efficiency Center Georgia (EEC). The training was provided by international expert Mr. Mirko Lesnjak. Ten national experts participated in the training. On 11-th of August, the national experts presented their work done for initial RECP assessment of selected companies. They presented information collected, challenges faced and initial findings for RECP opportunities in the companies.

On 12-13 August the national experts were introduced to six modules of RECP:

Module 7. Feasibility studies

Module 8. RECP options for energy efficiency

Module 9. RECP options for materials and wastes

Module 10. RECP options for water and effluents

Module 11. RECP options for chemicals management

Module 12. Management systems

The international expert provided further instructions to national experts on feasibility studies and common technical and organizational RECP opportunities in the key domains of energy, water and waste water, materials and waste and chemicals.

On 14 August the international and national experts visited three companies  in Tbilisi and Rustavi for practical application of the knowledge in RECP assessment gained during the training.

Training Agenda

List of training participants