Kaspi RECP Club meeting , 24 June 2016

RECP clubs

Training- Chemicals & Preparing of an Action Plan

The training in Kaspi was organized on 24 June at 11:00 AM in the building of the City Library (Saakadze Str. #59).

The RECP project has established so called RECP Clubs of Industrial Enterprises in  Kaspi municipality. The principal idea of a RECP Club is to bring together small and medium size enterprises (SME) from the same region and take them jointly through an intensive training and coaching program, leading to a customized RECP action plan for all member companies upon completion of the program.  Implementation of the RECP action plans will help the companies to save energy, water and materials, reduce the negative impacts on the environment and human health, to increase the profit, to be in compliance with the requirements of Georgian environmental legislation and to improve access to financing for investments in cleaner technologies. RECP Club member companies will receive UNIDO certificates upon the completion of the Club.