Kutaisi RECP Club second meeting, 25 April 2016

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Kutaisi RECP Club – Report on training – Energy Efficiency

Second training on Module 2 – Energy was held in the USAID’s Center for Civic Engagement in Kutaisi city (Pushkini str. #6) on April 25, 2016.

Javshanashvili – RECP Club Facilitator provided training on Module 2 – Energy.

Agenda and list of participants

The training included following topics:Assess progress on the development of companies’ environmental profile;

  • Introduction of the new topic – Energy (WAHT are the implications of the intensive use of energy, WHY is energy efficiency needed, HOW is energy used in the companies, Energy baseline situation: understanding energy use and major consumers, HOW to build the companies’ energy profile, WHAT are the basics of energy using systems and HOW to drive them efficiently);
  • Practical exercise for understanding the energy use and energy loses in companies;
  • Introduction of worksheet for energy data collection;
  • National examples and approaches; Energy challenges; Typical problems and typical solutions of them;
  • RECP Options to increase energy efficiency and what will be next step.

RECP Club Facilitator with the representatives of the companies discussed current situation with energy efficiency problems in the enterprises based on the information obtained during first company visits.

The company representatives provided information concerning the problematic issues and challenges they are facing, such as increased energy consumption, increased energy prices, obsolete and inefficient devices and systems, financial barriers, etc.


UNIDO/RECP Georgian team will continue working with the companies to strengthen their motivation and interest to develop companies’ energy profiles and to get prepared for the next site visits by RECP Club Facilitator and for the next trainings.


The companies expressed their expectations on investments for implementation RECP options and requested assistance for receiving preferential credits from local and international banks and donors.

Article on RECP project and Clubs meetings was published in “Kutaisi Posti” Internet Newspaper  http://www.kutaisipost.ge/akhali-ambebi/article/3276-resursefeqturoba-da-suftha-tsarmoeba-saqarthveloshi-treningi-quthaisshi

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