Kakheti RECP Club Fourth meeting, 16 December 2015

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Kakheti RECP Club – Report on Module 5 and 6  

On December 16, 2015 was held the last training on combined Module 5 and 6 (Chemicals & Action Plan) in the USAID’s Center for Civic Engagement in Telavi city (Pshavela str. #3). According to unanimously request of the companies’ representatives (training participants) two modules were combined.

Agenda and List of Participants

The following SMEs appeared from the Municipalities of Kakheti region at the training:

Assess progress on topics from previous training;Javshanashvili – RECP Club Facilitator provided training on Module 5 and 6 (Chemicals & Action Plan). Module 5 included following topics:

  • WHAT are the implications of intensive chemicals use;
  • WHY to introduce chemicals’ management, Basics of chemicals classification and labeling according to GHG;
  • HOW to manage chemicals and hazardous waste;
  • HOW to avoid and reduce chemicals and hazardous waste;
  • Practical exercise for understanding the chemicals management practice;
  • Introduction of worksheet for chemicals data collection;
  • Assignment of tasks and responsibilities;
  • National challenges;
  • Typical problems and typical solutions of them;
  • RECP Options to avoid and reduce chemicals and hazardous waste.

And the next module (Action Plan) included following topics:

  • WHAT is an Action Plan;
  • WHY is needed an Action Plan;
  • HOW to build RECP Action Plan;
  • HOW to monitor RECP benefits;
  • Practical exercise on the development of an Action Plan;
  • Introduction of worksheet for action planning;
  • What will be next step.

RECP Club Facilitator and companies’ representatives had discussion about the actual situation with the chemicals usage and reduction of chemical waste generation. The companies’ representatives once again provided information concerning their problematic issues and challenges, such as lack of infrastructure, financial barriers they are facing, etc.

UNIDO/RECP Georgian team will continue working with the SME’s for successfully developing of companies’ action plans.

The enterprises once again expressed their expectations on investments for implementation RECP options and requested assistance for receiving preferential credits from local or international banks and donors.