First round, Initial Training in RECP Methods,14-15 April 2014


Initial training of national experts in Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methods was organized on 14-15 April in Tbilisi in the Georgian Energy Efficiency Center (EEC). The training was provide by international expert Mr. Mirko Lesnjak. Fifteen national experts participated in the training. They were introduced to initial 6 modules of the RECP methodology:

Module 1 RECP Concept and Practice

Module 2. RECP Baseline and Indicators

Module 3. RECP Assessment

Module 4. Motivation and Team Building

Module 5. Initial Assessment

Module 6. Detailed Assessment Part 1

Module 6. Detailed Assessment Part 2

Module 6. Detailed Assessment Part 3

Training Agenda ; List of  participants






Visits to the Companies,16-18 April 2014


Following the training the experts visited eight companies for practical application of the knowledge in RECP assessment gained during the training:

  1. Joint Stock Company “SARINI”. Metal constructions. Rustavi, Javakhishvili street #9.
  2. Ltd “RUSMETALI”. Production of silico-manganese. Rustavi, Mari Canal street #174.
  3. Join Stock Company “EcOil”. Oil production. Tbilisi, Kindzmarauli street #15.
  4. Road constructions company “Tbilisi”, #1 Asphalt Plant. Asphalt production. Tbilisi, Phonichala.                  
  5. LTD “Devis Puri”. Bakery products. Tbilisi, Temqa, block 10.
  6. Gori Feeding Cannery Kula.Food and non-alcoholic beverages. Gori, Shindisi street #17.
  7. LTD “Dzevera- 2009”. Poultry. Village Dzevera, Gori Municipality.
  8. LTD “DIO”. PVC windows and doors.  Tbilisi, Agmasheneblis Kheivani 12 km.